KDSmart is an Android data collection application designed for collecting phenotypic data from plants in trials/experiments. It is a part of the KDDart suite of software created by Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT), but can also be used as a standalone application.

Refer to the KDSmart User Guide for more information.

KDSmart Version 3.2.1

KDSmart version 3.2.1 is a major upgrade which includes many bug fixes and new features including bulk scoring of traits and tags, a new Field Scoring Mode, and new options for categorical traits. See the Version 3.2 Changes page in the KDSmart User Guide for more information.

KDSmart is available for free on the Google Play Store.


Please report any issues to kdsmart@diversityarrays.com

Technical Documentation

The following appendices detail specific aspects of data import/export:

If you are creating CSV files for import into KDSmart the following Excel workbook may be of use: